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ZAO STC "Vladipor", a subsidiary company of ОАО "Polymersintez", was set up in 1998 on the basis of scientific departments & pilot-commercial production facilities of OAO "Polymersintez" (untill 1992 known as NPO "Polymersintez") engaged in the development of membrane products for the period of over 35 years. NPO "Polymersintez" used to be the leading organization within the Interbranch scientific-technical complex (ISTC) "Membranes" & coordinated all R &D work performed in the country in the field of polymeric membranes & membrane processes.

Over the period of the activity of ISTC "Membrane" set up in 1985 in compliance with the decision of the Government a tremendous growth was observed in the country with respect to scientific-research activities & setting up facilities for the production of polymeric membranes & filtering elements on their basis, as well as the expansion of applications of membrane processes for separating liquid & gaseous mixtures, primarily this can be referred to microelectronics, biotechnology, food industry, pharmaceuticals, etc.








Микрофильтрационные мембраны.

Для санитарно-микробиологических, санитарно-паризатологических анализов, определения цветности и мутности воды, содержания взвешенных веществ.


Рулонные мембранные элементы.

Ультрацильтрация, нанофильтрация, обратный осмос.


Трубчатые мембранные элементы.

Микрофильтрация, ультрафильтрация.